Monopoly GI Joe

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This is your opportunity to become a real American hero! Vie for control of America's elite anti-terrorist fighting machine. Good battles evil in this classic game of risk-taking and deal-making where the G.I. JOE mobile strike force seeks to thwart the ruthless COBRA terrorist organization. Buy, sell and trade the most significant bases and locations from the '80s G.I. Joe world including Joe Headquarters, Cobra Island, the Ring of Fire and Destros' Family Homestead. They are yours to control and safeguard with Howitzers and Defense Systems.


  • 22 of the top locations from the 80's G.I. Joe world
  • Game comes complete with six collectible pewter tokens: Cobra Commander Helmet, Timber, USS Flagg, Thunder Machine, Duke's Dog Tags and Cobra Snake
  • Classic art from the retro 80's animated series
  • 2-6 Players
  • Ages 8+


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