RISK StarCraft Collector's Edition

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The Koprulu Sector is being ravaged by war. You must stand against your enemies as one of the three powerful races. Will you choose the advanced and mysterious Protoss, the rugged and tenacious Terran, or lead the ravenous Zerg swarm? No matter which race you choose, you will fight for your very survival. The war for galactic supremacy begins NOW!


Includes 4 ways to play;


Basic Training – quick and easy,
Command Room – fast-paced and strategic,
Total Domination – updated versions of the classic game,
Team Play – take on your opponents in 2 v 2 and 3 v 3  game-modes.


Game comes complete with 333 game pieces. Custom components include 2 Terran Armies, 2 Protoss Armies, 2 Zerg Armies, 6 Leaders, 6 Custom Bases, 15 Custom Mineral Fields, 42 Faction/Territory Cards Custom Game Board, and 7dice.




  • Custom highly-detailed plastic playing pieces
  • Custom game board
  • Packaging features Kerrigan and Raynor, two leading characters from the StarCraft video games
  • Shorter game play
  • Includes 7 custom dice 2 defense and 3 offense

AGES 10+
2-5 players


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